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Mandi Makoni

Founder / Executive Director

Hello everyone, welcome! My name is Mandi Makoni, Founder of Synergy Family Services. Throughout my life I have been living my passion of serving both youth and adults in our community for the last 16+ years in various capacities. Being born into foster care and then adopted, I have insight and lived life experiences of the traumas and emotional roller coaster that tends to come with it. ​. Blessed beyond measure when I think of the support I had, adopted by parents who provided unconditional love despite some of adolescence toughest times. This brought me into not only mental health recovery but also taught me resiliency. Over the last few years I have realized my passion to help those who come from hard places has greatly increased beyond the opportunities I've encountered. I decided to take the necessary steps to fulfill my dreams!

Fast forward, here we are - (2017) Synergy Family Services. I could not be more joyous to embark on this journey with all of you. I have an amazing team of individuals trained in the most powerful tools through TBRI, A Trust-Based Relational Intervention® (TBRI). If you are not familiar with trauma informed approaches of how to work with individuals that have not only come from hard places but also are living it now, please take the time to start with the basics. You will find compassion for what is going on in their brains and help you learn tools to manage it. My extraordinary staff are awaiting to walk along side all those whom are willing to open their hearts and provide a safe haven for an individual in need. It's so important to begin by implementing from the beginning the expectations and desired core values that I stand by.

The key values of SFSUT and those employed within are. Unity, Reliability, Advocacy, Commitment for success, Integrity & Ethics. A strong  foundation to support the needs of those we service in all capacities, empowering families as whole, also meeting individualized needs with an abundance of love & compassion. We also strive on bringing awareness and providing outreach in our community, within the agency & also those who we collaborate with. We are NOT just an agency, we are a FAMILY, and I would love to be the first to welcome you to ours! This is just in short, but I would love to share my journey and answer any questions you may have. Please reach out via phone, text, email and I'll be sure to respond to you personally. Now more than ever we need you! As we continue to grow, remain humble, and stay true to yourself and those around you, stay safe and  always count your blessings.

God Bless, Mandi

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